Eyelash Shampoo


Invigorating lash shampoo that is designed to remove sebum, dirt & makeup debris from the eyelashes to create a longer lasting bond on the eyelash extensions.

This formula has been designed for dual use between the technician for proper service preparation & by the consumer for after use care.




Fresh Start Lash Cleanser is a dual use cleansing product designed for both professional service preparation and consumers as a take home service extending product. Our unique formula is a light oil-free foam enriched with natural plant extract. It has been specially formulated to nourish natural lashes while enhancing the life of eyelash extension, it also works beautifully to gently remove make-up.

Rinse thoroughly with distilled water


Professional and Retail

Vegan & cruelty free


MSRP for clients: $28.00

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Weight 0.5 kg


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