Keratin Hair Smoothing Workshop

This course and curriculum are suitable for both beginning stylists and seasoned professionals & can be taken online at your own pace; we know life is busy.

You will learn the pros and cons of performing a professional Keratin smoothing treatment.

Why Train With Us?

  • Technical Support
  • High quality products
  • Satisfied clients who will return, guaranteed
  • Good profit on the treatments
  • Fast delivery
  • Exclusive Distribution (Barrie, ONl)
  • Marketing support
  • Promotional products available

Keratin treatments have become very popular in the last few years. You can do them yourself, but it’s also worth looking into what a professional or professional certification can do for you. 

Professional grade keratin treatments are great for people with dry and damaged hair because they help to strengthen the hair and make it look healthy. If you have a lot of split ends, keratin treatments can help to repair those and make your hair look smooth and shiny. If you’re interested in doing a keratin treatment at home, you will need to purchase a keratin treatment kit which usually includes a keratin treatment mask, a keratin treatment solution, and gloves; however taking this course will give you exclusive access to professional grade products and wholesale pricing.

Online Course


  • Complete This Course At Your Leisure
  • Training Videos Included
  • Tutorial Based Self Guided Learning
  • Accessible From Anywhere

    Potential Keratin Income

    *not including gratuities*

    Number of Clients per Week Average Weekly Income Average Annual Income
    1 $350 $18,200
    2 $700 $36,400
    3 $1050 $54,600
    4 $1400 $72,800
    5 $1750 $91,000