Are you ready to take

charge of your career?

Our Dreadlocking Certification 

has been designed for the busy person

who wants more freedom in their career.

Who the Dreadlocking Certification is for…

  • and haveAnyone who wants to be their own boss, create their own working hours & meet lovely people.
  • People who love dreads & wish to make & maintain them for a living.
  • People who appreciate dreads & want a creative lucrative at home business.
  • Moms or Dads who don’t wish to return to work after having kids or wish to have the flexibility to work around their kids’ schedules
  • Anyone with good people skills and handy hands.
  • Anyone wishing to escape the corporate rat race.
  • Young adults that are not sure what they want to do and have an interest in a service orientated business.
  • Hairdressers who wish to add dreadlocking creation to their list of skills.
  • Hairdressers who wish to get away from the chemical method of making dreads.
  • People who have their own dreads and wish to learn how to maintain them themselves

Beauty and Babes Academy Dreadlocking Certification at only $674.50 + tax (Plus Kit: $300 + tax)

Dreadlocking at Beauty and Babes Academy

I’m ready to take control of my career!


You are uniquely you and deserve to have a life that you love; working in the right career is going to get you one step closer to your dreams.

Our course is designed to give you solid industry foundations that are going to make you a rockstar Dreadlocking Technician and savvy business owner. 

This certification program is going to teach you the history of dreadlocking, technique for how to dreadlock and how to maintain the hairstyle, as well as how to grow your business.


Beauty and Babes Academy Students are granted lifetime access to the course after completion and are provided with lifetime business support from our academy.

Beauty and Babes Academy Dreadlocking Certification

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you looking for a job that you actually have passion for?
  • Do you want to learn a UNIQUE skill set that few have so you can stand out in the industry?
  • Do you want to get up every day excited to go to work?
  • Do you want to make women feel beautiful and empowered? 

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions then becoming a Dreadlocking Technician is right for you!

We bet you’ve been considering getting into the beauty industry for a while now and we’re here to tell you that this small investment in yourself is going to change your life & your family’s life in ways you could not even imagine!



I was looking for something new that I could offer my clientele that other Salons in the area didn’t so when I heard Melissa was offering a Dreadlocking certification course I knew it would be good and that it was the perfect skill to add to my services. So happy I invested in myself and my salon because now I have something unique to offer that is already growing my client lists in only a few short months of taking the course!


Salon Owner, York Region

Dreadlocking with Beauty and Babes Academy

Now, imagine this… 

  • You get to make people feel more confident
  • You get to make a livable wage
  • You are in control of your own life
  • You choose your schedule

That’s right… you CAN own your destiny and Beauty and Babes Academy will help you get there!