Our Certification programs in aesthetics prepare students with the competitive skills, techniques and experience to become empowered beauty industry leaders.

Certifications with the Beauty and Babes Academy in aesthetics, nail technology, hair extensions, dreadlocks, lash extensions, lifts and tinting and many more areas, will help you discover your passion can lead you to a successful career!

Benefits of the Beauty and Babes Academy Certifications

Beauty and Babes Academy graduates earn sought-after qualifications and are provided with the education, tools and mentorship to become successful business owners and entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Eyelash Extensions 101

No previous experience needed!

Whether you are an aesthetician or new to the beauty industry this training will equip you to not only provide Eyelash Extensions to your clients with skills with confidence, but it will also equip you with business-building skills so you can open your own practice & grow your income.

Take a look below at the significant increase in search for eyelash extensions!


Google Trends for Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extension 101 Course by Beauty and Babes Academy

Eyelash Lift + Tint 101

No previous experience required!

Lash lifting and tinting is a great service to provide your clients with! It is a great option for anyone that is not interested in the high maintenance that lash extensions come with but still want the appearance of more dramatic lashes.

Lv1. Hair Extensions 

No previous experience required!

Hair Extension Certification Beauty and Babes Academy

Starting your career as a hair extension technician is a popular way of gaining more freedom with your time and finances. Despite some common beliefs; you don’t need to be a licensed hairdresser to become a hair extension technician, all you need to do is complete a certified hair extension certification.

Spray Tanning

No previous experience required!

Spray Tanning Certification by Beauty and Babes Academy

Create financial abundance and lifestyle freedom while helping women to feel beautiful in their own skin with our spray tan certification training.


No hairstyling experience required!

Dreadlocking Certification at Beauty and Babes Academy

Learn how to make beautiful natural & synthetic dreadlocks and escape the 9-5 corporate world by taking on work that is full of creativity. You will meet some of the most beautiful people throughout your journey as a locktician. Whether you are a hairstylist looking to learn how to do dreadlocks or you are brand new to the beauty industry our Dreadlocking course is going to give you the potential to start living the best life that you possibly can. You deserve it!

Nails 101

No previous experience required!

Nails 101 Beauty and Babes Certificate

It’s not all about the artificials! From nurses and other medical professionals who long for the security of their standing manicure appointment to students educated in holistic care, the number of women demanding quality natural nail care services continues to grow! Then there are the men!

We’ve turned a corner in the industry, and the male market is ready to be taken seriously. This comprehensive natural nail bundle course is going to provide you with solid foundations in natural nails & safety.

Certifications – Coming Soon

 Lv. 2 Hair Extensions 

Eyelash Extensions Russion Volume-Level 1